December 30, 2017 – First Day of Retirement


I was out of Oakland early this morning and ran into dense tulle fog as I came across the Delta.  Surprising, because we have had no rain for almost three weeks.  A bright sunny day, with temperature in the 50s by midday.

My first task was to prune the rose bushes.  Judy’s first tip was to remove all the cross pieces.  I think I succeeded.  Her second tip was to feed them when the first growth appears.

I was collecting stones from around the property to line the rose bed.  This is my tribute to Jerry who collected the stones that became the fireplace and the walls on the front porch.

I also dug out the grass from around the crape myrtle, on the theory that it should not have to fight a thick lawn for water. I understand that crape myrtles thrive on occasional deep watering. We will see if that treatment works.

The fringe flower under the kitchen window must hit its peak at this time of year.  The picture does not do it justice.  The daffodils have started poking their heads out of the ground because of warm sunny weather.  They may be in for a nasty surprise.

I rescued Miss Nastia from the fence twice. Welcome to the New Year.

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