December 31, 2017 – New Year’s Eve

When I went out yesterday afternoon at 4.30 to rescue Nastia, the moon had already risen. If I want to see a moonrise, I need to look a little earlier or wait a little longer. These are the shortest days of the year.  The moon is close to full and bright, and I went outside just before bedtime.  The moon was in a crater of clouds that gave it a halo or afterglow.  Seeing the land bathed in moonlight lifts my soul.

My room is on the east side of the house.  I leave the curtains open in the winter, to wake up soon after 7.00 to see the sun rise through the valley oaks.  My room gets a lot of morning sunshine and appears to be one of Stash’s favorite resting spots.

I watered everything down this morning.  The geraniums on the mezzanine level were stressed, but I was pleased to see green growth on the barberry and lantana transplant at the far end of the bank.  Rain is forecast for next Wednesday through Friday, and MJ will be back on Tuesday.

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