January 5, 2018

I was up early, a very mild day.  Highs were in the upper 60s.

Back in October MJ put down Preen on the far end of the front slope. She was home late on a short autumn day, and was climbing the slope and applying Preen in the dark, at risk to life and limb.  I acknowledge and carry on her heroic efforts.

The instructions say to apply every three months, which may be an inducement to customers buy more Preen.  Still, grass was starting to appear on the slope.  I cleared inside the rock wall and laid down a good dose of Preen.  I also cleared overgrown grass from a one foot track outside the wall and laid down a bed of dead leaves.  Will see if this works – the grass seems perfectly capable of growing through anything.

A small bird has a nest in the tree just outside the breakfast window.  I don’t know California birds, perhaps a sparrow or a meadowlark.  Chirping up a storm while I worked below and giving a major concert.  Mary Poppins would have approved.

Finally, in the afternoon we had rain.  Fits and starts but finally a long soaking rain.

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