January 8, 2018

A steady drenching rain today that is likely to continue for two days.  All I was able to do was to clean out around the tree to the left of the driveway.  The war on thistle has begun.  Thistle defines invasive species.  When I removed the dead stalks from last year I found that this year’s crop had already started around the base of these stalks.  I dug it all out, and next week I come back with the poison.

We had a cozy fire on Sunday afternoon and I looked up the uses of fireplace ashes. They can be used as a liming agent, and in small doses will help in growing tomatoes.  They are not good for acid loving plants such as camellias and blueberries.

Ashes should only be used in thin layers because several inches of ash can burn plants.  Unless of course your goals is to kill invasive plants.

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