January 24, 2018

Rain was forecast today but could not make up its mind.  Only a little time in the yard at the beginning of the day.  I pulled a tree off of the wood pile.  This tree started in a quart container in the triangle garden.  Not to be confined, it sent out an enormous tap root through the bottom of the container.  Today I had to cut the container off the tap root.  With that root it became huge and strained to find sun.  MJ hacked it to pieces and finally uprooted it and the overgrown daphne to make room for a new potato shrub.  I thought this unstoppable little tree would make a nice statement at the upper end of the stone wall at the far end of the driveway.  Perhaps discourage so much grass.  In truth, planting this tree appeals to my Charlie Brown sense of gardening.  Just a little sprucing up and it could be a very nice tree.

I am remembering that I pruned the rockroses about this time last year, and they responded well. Need to attend to them shortly.   I only recall one blooming season, spectacular as it was.  I wonder whether blooming season depends on pruning.  One way to find out.

In the evening MJ and I watched Children of a Lesser God with Bob and Faye.  I must have seen it almost thirty years ago, and it was a different movie with thirty more years of life experience.   The struggle to find common ground is still poignant.  Heavy rain throughout the evening.

Bob thought he heard of program by Amador County to eradicate thistle.  I need to investigate.

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