January 25, 2018

I am writing at the breakfast nook watching the sun set behind the hills.  A little bit of afterglow now, even at 6.00.

Changeable weather today – bright sun, cloud cover moves in, sheets of rain and then the clouds move on.  Today was a microcosm of the weather patterns we may expect in the future: extended periods of bright sunshine with bursts of intense rain.

A sparrow or chickadee was pecking at the rose bed this morning, looking for what I don’t know.  Lots of birds enjoy the tree just outside the kitchen window with lots of fluttering delight.

The truck wouldn’t start, we couldn’t find the battery charger, when found the battery charger did not help and we called AAA.  I was thoroughly frustrated, and vented my frustration on grass and thistle.  Today’s candidate was the completely overgrown track between the rock wall and the driveway.

A run to Auto Zone and a new battery for the truck restored sunshine and roses to the world   On the drive I am becoming more conscious how the cloud cover gathers in the valleys, and the highway takes you in and out of sunlight.  The valleys and the hills are greening beautifully now.

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