February 10, 2018

I discovered that not only does the sun rise to the east of the house, but the moon does as well.  The moon was three-quarters full when I was up last night, looking out on a perfectly cold and clear night.

A wheelbarrow in the corporation yard has collected eight to ten inches of rainwater over this season.  That gives me a rough idea of how much water could be collected and stored in rain barrels once the gutters are cleared and the downspouts redirected.  I scooped out several buckets from the wheelbarrow to water the three crape myrtles.  My understanding is that they prefer occasional deep watering.  The far corner of the yard is overgrown and finding the third crape myrtle was a challenge.  Against all odds it bloomed last summer.

The lemon tree had two lemons on it from last season.  That tree is another survivor, having been Rogerized more than once.  I removed the dead wood, pruned it back, buried the citrus fertilizer spikes and applied two buckets of rain water.  We will see how it responds.

More water on all the front plants.  MJ is going to initiate the irrigation system for the first time this year.  I trimmed the penstemon and salvia mostly to avoid sprawl and to encourage new growth.

MJ asked where I have found stones for edging.  I dug out the high grass along the wall at the southeast corner of the front garden, and found some fine border stones there.  I have found them when I clear around trees, or in the washes in Tork’s old pen.  I also have my eye on two fine specimens buried to the left of the driveway.

MJ had a case of old wine in the garage, 1970s vintage with optional disintegrating corks.  The case went, but to do with twelve bottles of wine? MJ said i was getting the plants drunk.  We will see how the roses respond.

Mike and I removed the rotten border logs from the triangle garden, and he will bring down the two new logs from the barn.   I pointed out the brave little columbine that must not be lost in this process.

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