February 14, 2018

I have discovered the joy of going to a hardware store on a weekday.  Clerks, more than one, offer to help you.  I made a run to Orchard Supply Hardware in Berkeley for the gopher cages my friend Julie recommended.  The clerk asked what I needed and took me right to the aisle.  One and five gallon sizes – they look fairly easy to deploy.

I came through the Delta this afternoon.  The weather is colder, and no rain in the seven day forecast.  A few trees are in bloom, but most of the orchards are still hunkered down for the winter.

MJ  and I were home late from a lovely Valentine’s Day dinner that Bob and Faye hosted.  The snowflake came on in my car at 39 degrees.  A cold clear night – we stood in the dark for a minute and found the Big Dipper and the North Star and the stars of Orion’s belt.  I never cease to wonder at how clear the stars are at the ranch.

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