February 16, 2018

I made more progress on the slope below the gazebo this morning.  I reassured MJ that I was not trying to clear the entire slope.  My hope is to keep the thistle out of the cultivated beds and to preserve a clear view down to the lake.  Jer-Bear was taking pictures of the property early on Saturday morning, and he was drawn to that corner of the yard.

Mike Stansberry and I cleaned up the trash pile along the front fence, our contribution to the good of humanity.  A few hours work and a truckful of used cat litter.  Mike loves using the tractor and is becoming more and more adept. In one garbage can the cat litter had turned to cement, and we could not lift it onto the truck.  We wrestled it into the front end loader, drove into the middle field and dumped it.  God bless Mike for making the run to the dump.

Last fall MJ and I transplanted a lantana from a pot on the front porch.  It was sickly in the pot and became more sickly in the ground, on the far side of the front slope garden.   I have tried to keep it watered and was pleased to find new growth this morning.  I also trimmed the salvia in that area of the yard to promote new growth.

Mike has the Toro weed eater up and running.  I have a few spots where I can try it out myself.L

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