February 17, 2018

Jer-Bear was up for the first time since the 70th birthday, and Nick Meath joined us for coffee.  Great to catch up with Nick again and share the Bailey’s.

Today I inaugurated the coveralls that Elizabeth gave me for Christmas.  Jer-Bear kindly did the photo shoot for my new Facebook picture, most of the pictures with me looking out from the summer house.  There is a fine picture of me with my feet up, looking very content in my coveralls.

Jer-Bear helped me move outdoor furniture. The hammock is off the side porch, and the table is away from MJ”s window.  We also rescued the bench from the side yard, and set it up for sanding and refinishing in the back yard.  Two side boards were buried in the ground and have rotted along the edge.  Mike Stansberry may help me replace those boards.

Jer-Bear found a case of Vita-Rain in cleaning out his room.  We opened twenty-four bottles, a challenge because the tops were frozen shut.  We irrigated the triangle garden and a little of the sidewalk strip gardens with the ten year old Vita-Rain.



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