February 18, 2018

A changeable day.  On the way to church a few trees were in full bloom.  By the evening we had the first deep freeze of the year.  Temperatures fell below thirty degrees.  The rear window of the Blonde was iced over before Jer-Bear left for San Diego.  MJ and I  watered the front beds thoroughly on Saturday. Hopefully deep watering will carry the established plants through the freeze.

Judy spent the afternoon with us, and MJ made her signature soup.  Jer-Bear has a talent for building a fire.  We had a roaring fire most of the afternoon as we watched the Winter Olympics.  He pulled more wood from the pile and looked for oak.  The wood was dry and caught quickly, but of course burned equally as fast.  The fire solved the disposal of bank and brokerage statements, and I have more ashes for the slope before the summer house.


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