February 28, 2018

I was out of Oakland early and over the Altamont Pass.  The project for today was dismantling Sidney’s winter quarters and allowing free access to the septic field.  I brought a hacksaw but quickly gave up on sawing off the metal posts.  The winter quarters deconstruction was enough for one day.

Gerry was fond of wood screws.  Three and four inch long wood screws.  Everything  was screwed together.  I spent two hours developing my upper arm and hand strength.  The screws resisted mightily, and some were painted in.  I still managed to salvage a lot of wood and store it in the barn.

MJ talked about cleaning Sidney’s former pen.  I started on the overgrown thistle. I have no idea what to do with the septic field  that is nothing bu overgrown thistle.  For today I hauled the debris behind the fence and dumped it, closing the gate securely.


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