March 1, 2018

The rain started at 1.00 this morning with high winds.  The storm was in full force by morning, and two trees had blown onto the driveway.  I went out with a pruning saw and a band saw, and collected a load of firewood for the back porch.  The wood of the downed trees sawed easily, which means it may burn off too quickly.

The wind continued throughout the day. I had always been concerned about the tall tree beside the hydrant pond and nearest the house.  By mid-afternoon two major branches from that tree had sheared off in the wind.  I was out again with the band saw. One branch did not block the driveway but was unstable.  More firewood.

I planted a gooseberry (ribes) today that I found at the Berkeley Hort.  The plant is supposed to have fuschia-like flowers in the summer, but without the water requirements of standard fuschias. The gooseberry is drought tolerant.   The recommendation is full sun, but being slightly sheltered from the full blast of  the summer sum here will likely be beneficial.

The wind uprooted the correopsis.  I replanted it securely and will see if it will take hold.  It was showing new growth.

After a blustery day with steady rain and overflowing gutters, the sun has come through the clouds as I write.  Just in time to watch it set over the pond.  The forecast is for continuing rain through Saturday and more rain next week.  We have been hoping for a March miracle after a mostly dry month of February.




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