March 3, 2018

I was up early to beat the rain forecast and cleared half of the overgrown thistle in front of the side door to the barn.  Out of respect for our country I also dug out the flag pole.  The height and profusion of the thistle in that area suggests the presence of water.  I am aware of one flood from a broken pipe last summer on that side of the barn.

I uncovered a valve under the overgrown thistle, rotten pallets and other trash.  I believe that Kyle Bracken told me that the valve opened water to the chicken coop and the round garden under the valley oak.

I planted three ivy plants alongside the cement walk leading to the barn door.  The plant instructions call for moderate water. The ground is saturated and more rain is due next week.  Hopefully the ivy can be established during the rest of the rainy season.  The March rain will mitigate but not overcome the expected drought conditions for this summer.

I applied Roundup to the ground where I had uprooted the thistle, up to six inches in front of the strip of ivy planting.  Hopefully the application will not affect the new plants.  Ivy should be hardy if it can be established.

I applied feed to the border garden by the back porch where I replanted and rooted the gooseberry and correopsis deeper.  The feed (Miracle Grow Shake and Feed) adds bone meal and earth worms to the soil, which may help with the poor soil.  Ccorreopsis is supposed to thrive in poor soil.

We waited all day for rain.  Finally we had ten minutes of a thunder shower in the late afternoon.  Pretty much of a bust.

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