March 8, 2018

I am enjoying watching the sun rise out my bedroom window, soon after 6.00 in the morning.  That will change next week when Daylight Savings Time kicks in.  One of the joys of retirement is waking up with the sun.  I usually put in a few hours before MJ is up and we share our gruel together.

This morning was more clearing of the thistle around the barn and hauling out the trash from that area.  I have built up a respectable dump run beside the driveway.  The thistle still comes up easily and I applied Roundup liberally.  The ivy plantings have not died yet,  and I hand watered with them a full gallon watering can.  I also deeply watered the crape myrtle in the center of the yard and the two new plantings on the side border garden.

I was trimming the two rock roses on the front slope.  In the process I managed to snip the irrigation line.  MJ gave me a brief instruction on replacing sprinkler heads, and she has stakes to mount the heads.  We replaced a sprinkler head in the triangle garden and placed it nearly centered between the two transplanted purple alyssum.  Replacement is ridiculously easy.

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