March 10, 2018

I didn’t have much time in the garden today because I was due back in Oakland.  I gave crackers to the goats, Nastia receiving room service.  I also wanted to handle a few tasks before the rain came.  I needn’t have bothered.  The forecast changed to cloudy only.  Oakland had a light rain, maybe a half inch.

Two of our Canadian visitors sailing against the gray sky in early morning are a magnificent sight.  I also saw a few ducks trying out a home in the reservoir in front of the house.  The inflow pipe to the hydrant was completely submerged in the most recent heavy storm.

A patch of thistle on the hillside just below the summer house annoyed me, and I cleared most of it.  I removed the ashes from the fireplace and applied them to the warning track by the retaining wall. No invasive growth so far.

I have collected all tarps and rags in one large bin in the garage.  Mike Stansberry had rigged a temporary shelter for the industrial weed whacker.  I was able to wrap it fully in a tarp.

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