March 21, 2018

After the Worship Committee meeting MJ and I made a quick run to Walmart for an onion set.  Advertised as one hundred bulbs, although I did not count them.  Rain was coming on so we had to plant as soon as we were home.  The nearest box is entirely devoted to onions.  On Del’s recommendation we recovered two cartfuls of manure from the goat house and worked it into the soil.  His other recommendation was not to bother removing weeds – just turn them over into the soil.  I quickly gave up on placing each bulb precisely two inches apart with the top just above the soil.   The overall goal was to embed the onions before the rain came.

The instructions for the onion set recommend harvesting when the onions are mature.  I will need to figure out how to determine a mature onion.

MJ already planted two cherry tomato plants, with cages, a red pepper and a regular and a lemon cucumber, and squash .  We added two eggplants to the far box.   MJ expects that everything will ripen in June, just as we leave for two weeks in Europe.

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