March 30, Good Friday

I headed for the Snake after the traditional noon time service.  Kettleman Lane has become my route of choice out of Lodi, and it is something of a blossom trail at this time of year.  A warm sunny weekend.

Jer-Bear and Skye drove up from San Diego.  I much enjoy watching his attachment to the Snake grow and his seeing the beauty of the land with new eyes.  He was up early in the morning taking pictures for friends back in San Diego.  We also watched for the full moon, a blue moon due on March 31, and were out later in the evening.

Skye is in dog heaven.  She stays close to the house, and Jer-Bear can open the door and let her wander without having to walk her.  Skye and Stash are mostly at a Mexican stand-off.  Skye can stay in the pen with the goats.  She wants to play without being aggressive and will chase Spots and Nastia around their house.  The goats are mostly annoyed.

The sky darkened by mid-afternoon.  We were in the back yard, and I was struck by the sight of a valley oak against a steel blue sky.  I don’t remember seeing an oak tree quite that way before.

For Good Friday I planted a kangaroo paws in a large pot. Its habit is to root deeply in search of water. I wanted the plant for the patio outside MJ’s room but do not know if it can get full sun.  I hope that as the days lengthen that patio will have much more afternoon sun.  I also tried planting a color bowl in one of the terra cotta pipe supports.

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