April 10, 2018

Back for a week at the ranch after my trip to Williamstown for the memorial for James Fissel. Drove up from Boston in a steady snow storm and have a few pictures to prove it.  The icicles at the hairpin turn above North Adams are a nice memory.

I did not realize how many birds come through the ranch in the springtime.  They peck along the driveway and the upper terrace at the front of the house.  This morning I saw a paid of our Canadian visitors make their stately progress the sky.  A pair of ducks splashed down in the fire prevention reservoir under our own Mount Suribachi.  MJ loves the baby quail that wander up the driveway.

I tackled the garden around the oak tree at the barn today.  i cleared most of it and applied a generous dose of Preen.  Rain is expected tomorrow.  If I can keep the garden cleared, I can address the irrigation system and plant in the fall.  MJ and I make a habit of driving around the far side of the garden to keep the grass down.


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