April 11, 2018

I cleared the thistle from along the front of the first box in the vegetable garden that was annoying MJ.  So far the weeds give up easily. The space between the edge of the enclosure and the first box was larger than I thought.  I still am committed to laying down a combination of flagstones and gravel in that expanded space.

The onions continue growing apace; we are still trying to figure out when to harvest.  There are an astonishing amount of weeds in the front box with the onions, but they do not appear to inhibit growth.   One of the cucumbers may not make it, but otherwise the back box looks healthy.

In the afternoon MJ and I began clearing what was formerly Sidney’s pen, mostly thistle of course.  In forty-five minutes we accomplished quite a bit together.  The goal is to have a clear field that Mike can mow with the tractor.

We were at the Lone Wolf for dinner tonight, and drove home in a steady downpour.  I believe there was also an atmospheric river last week when I was  back east.  These may be the last rains for the year.

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