April 13, 2018

Today would have been our mother’s one hundredth birthday, and I had a pleasant time remembering her.  A picture of her in her high school prom dress is in my living room in Oakland, beside the piano in the music room here, and in four other homes across the country.

i continued dismantling Sidney’s summer quarters.  More four inch wood screws than I thought ever existed.  I was able to salvage most of the wood and store it in the barn. A few screws would not budge, and I had to leave two struts still joined together, to be set aside on the wood pile and addressed later.

I had a sentimental idea that Sidney’s house could be used as a shed for the lawn mower and weed eater.  MJ and Mike talked me out of that notion. The house is not in great shape and Sidney had worn through the flooring.  A small lean-to from Lowe’s makes more sense.

I talked to Mike about removing the rebar posts that supported the fencing around Sidney’s pen.  He came to the simplest solution of pulling them out with the tractor.  The driveway between Sidney’s former pen and the vegetable garden showed signs of a leak. mike will dig it out and repair the irrigation pipe as needed.

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