April 14, 2018

This morning I assembled the new electric lawn mower and mowed the back lawn.  The mower has a nice double release system to insure that you really mean to start it. It runs like a dream, although it would benefit from a longer extension cord to reach the far end of the lawn.  For now I brought out the smaller weed eater to finish off the edges.

Earlier in the week I applied Scott’s Turf Builder to the third of the lawn closest to the summer house.   Supposedly the fertilizer also includes a weed preventer, and I was able to allow it to work on the weeds for twenty-four hours before the rain came.  I suspect more hand digging of weeds is in the future.

MJ and I finished weeding the front slope today.  Judy will have her first Open House for the sale of her Rancho Mureita home tomorrow, and we are granting asylum.  We left a few weeds for her to pull.  The front slope and pots on the front porch are full of self-seeding violets.  They do not qualify as weeds, and we left them perhaps to self-seed for another year.  To MJ’s great joy, the small lantana transplant on the upper border garden and two transplants on the front slope have new growth and appear to be taking hold.

I also weeded the border garden along the side porch.  I am pleased that the ribes and correopsis are establishing well and perhaps holding down the weed growth.

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