Holy Saturday, March 31

Judy was over for dinner today.    The wildflowers in the yard are in full profusion.  Skye joined us for a tour of the driveway perimeter, picking wildflowers as we went.  The whole erstwhile parade ground is covered with a yellow flower that I cannot identify and that is new to me, perhaps broom or goldenrod.  The purple and white have returned closer to the house.  I believe the white flowers by Zoe’s tree are snow drift.

Judy gave us two small bud vases when we cleaned out her pantry.  We filled those with wild flowers for the dining table with a few contributions from the cultivated garden.

I cleared out the moldy Christmas decorations from the vase in the dining room and substituted an Easter bouquet.  The vase can be refreshed from time to time.

The four of us enjoyed Easter dinner in the dining room looking out on the land.  MJ’s place is at the head of the table facing out to the back yard and the open country beyond.  She was touched to have the three closest people in her life share the table with her.

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