April 19, 2018

I drove up at midday.  The spring bloom of the garden is in full force.  The roses are spectacular – particularly the center pink rose with the yellow citrus centers.  The floribunda rose on the far corner has multiple buds coming on.   The lavender has its beautiful bloom for two weeks that justifies its existence for the remainder of the year.  The deep scarlet salvia just below the rockroses appears to have responded well to the modest pruning that I gave it.

I started the next stage of the summer house renewal, removing the grass up to the retaining wall.  I laid the pavers in a star pattern to allow access to the spigot and storage for the house.  The pavers are supported by a layer of gravel, weed block and a layer of stone dust.

The slope falls off so significantly that to achieve a level platform I needed to lay the pavers a short step below the level of the summer house.  To my surprise and delight, the result is that the paver platform will be almost level with the platform for the sandstone planter, and can be filled in with topsoil.  I took pictures of the sharp depression of the ground that this whole effort was meant to remedy.

I rediscovered the euphorbia that Home Depot sells at this time of year, commonly known as spurge.  Planted in full sun, low water when established, it appears to be related to families of succulents.  At two feet high and three feet across it should fill in the corner nicely.  I started it on its way with Vitamin B-1 water.


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