April 20, 2018

The renewal of the summer house continues, part two.  I worked on the platform for the stone planter.  Two large rocks to anchor the platform, on a continuing line from the existing stone wall.  A layer of gravel, a layer of payers laid vertically and two concrete barriers horizontally on top of the pavers.

Finding the right size flagstones in the pile took some digging.  My success was finding two flagstones of roughly equal thickness that covered the entire proposed platform.  I will add liners on either side to minimize the water flow underneath the platform and conserve water.

Another unlooked for blessing.   The platform appears to be on almost a direct line with far edge of the fence at the other end of the yard.  A continuous line will make the process of clearing and shoring up the downhill side of the lawn much easier and cleaner.

I moved several cobblestones down from the top row of the retaining wall to build up the wall next to the newly constructed platform.  Removing that top layer revealed a voracious patch of thistle growing up the other side of the retaining wall.  I dug out that patch with my standard warning track and liberally applied Roundup.  On Monday I will also spread fireplace ashes to discourage new growth and to keep the vista clear.





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