April 22, 2018

We granted Judy asylum again today, as the realtor was holding a second open house in Rancho Murieta.  i bought a bunch of stock at the Safeway on the way home from church to start the large vase in the dining room.  I thought the vase could be filled out with roses but the stems were too short.   The roses fill a smaller vase nicely, and then Judy and I were on a mission to find longer stemmed plants to fill the large standing vase. Judy also crushed a few baby aspirin to help the flowers last longer.

Today we collected only from the front and side border gardens.  The gardens were putting on their best show.  While we were at it, we filled the bud vases on the dining table with daisies and lantana and sweet pea and a little of my favorite candy striped geranium in the front border along the house.  Fortnight lilies and salvia filled out the large standing vase, and we left the vase with the citrus roses on the breakfast table.

MJ, Judy and I finished the day with dinner looking out on the land as the sunset came on.

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