May 2, 2018

We are having warmer days,  approaching 80, and cooler nights, below 60.  This morning I watched the mist rising from the reservoir in front of the house and partially veiling Mount Suribachi.  i suspect the mist arises from the temperature differential. between our cooler nights and warmer days  The ground still appears to be covered with dew in the morning.

I finished clearing the round garden around the oak tree beside the barn.  The ground is still workable, and I found loose soil down six to eight inches. Planting will need to wait for the fail and the overhaul of the irrigation line.  The one remaining bush that I pruned and the cows stomped shows a lot of new growth.  Hopefully it will fill back in over the summer.

I stayed at the Cambria Pines Lodge last weekend and spent an hour wandering through the nursery on the grounds.  I was intrigued by tall grasses, and will look for water and sun requirements.   Tall grasses could make an informal divider between different sections of the round garden when it is planted.

I applied Preen generously on the remaining cleared area in the garden and hauled up a gallon of water in a watering can to soak it in.  I also applied Roundup on the outer perimeter.  With the end of the rain season and periodic driving around the back side of the garden, I am hoping that the round garden will need minimal attention until the fall.

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