May 3, 2018

I mowed the back lawn again today.  MJ believes the back sprinklers are operational;  in any event mowing every two weeks appears to be needed.  The holes are gradually filling in where weeds were pulled from the middle of the lawn.

The lemon tree is a minor miracle.  In spite of being Rogerized, overgrown by grass and baked in back yard sun, it will not give up.  The tree shows blooms and is beginning to leaf out.  I pulled out more of the overgrown grass and weeds, and brought in another bucket of water.  It is still scraggly, but I will see what pruning and feeding in the fall can do.  We may have Meyer lemons later this year.

Judy and MJ had a play day, and I joined them for dinner.  I was mindful and grateful for many meals at  Judy’s kitchen table overlooking the lake.  Judy and I spoke about the plants on her porch that could come to the ranch.  I am willing to try maintaining a Japanese maple and a camellia in their pots, and perhaps a Lily of the Nile.  MJ expressed interest in a white geranium.

The moon is full and I am having lovely moonlit nights on my side of the house. A lovely glow for my two or three trips to the bathroom in the night.

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