May 4, 2018

MJ and I attacked the rock rose behind Saint Francis today.  I was responsible for clearing the dead wood, and MJ removed all the grass and weeds.  When we were done not much shrub remained, but MJ thought it looked much better.  She assured Saint Francis that his cover would come back.  We cultivated the ground around the rockrose, worked in a cup of earthworm castings and watered the ground generously.  I will need to feed it with fertilizer spikes this fall.   Removing the weeds left a nice open area for a pot with a Lily of the Nile.

I also dismantled the last of Sidney’s quarters today   I removed most of the wood screws and then threw the rest on the burn pile.  The ground is cleared but uneven; I ran the truck over it an effort to smooth it out.  In the process I rescued the Hog Heaven sign from the dirt.  All usable wood is stored in the barn, without the ants and with the rebar that held up the fencing.

I moved three large panels off of the corporation yard fence in preparation for clearing all the overgrowth along the fence, creating a warning track and giving room to paint.  Mike is repairing the large weed eater so it will be a few weeks before I get back to that project.

in the evening the Gang of Seven met for Thai food and a Quatro de Mayo celebration of Judy’s birthday.  After dinner we adjourned to the Big Idea Theater for a pleasant performance of An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde.



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