May 11, 2018

Today I started on the teak swing hung on the back porch.  For starters I scrubbed off the lichen growing on all the slats, backing and supports.  The wood should be clean to begin applying oil.  Over the course of the day I applied an entire bottle of Old English furniture oil to the bench.  The wood was so dry that it absorbed the oil on contact.  I am also concerned about the split in the left side lower support where the seat planks are attached.  Hopefully, generous and repeated applications of oil will prevent further cracking. The bench nonetheless appears well-made and solid. Not so much the folding beach chairs that MJ hauled back from Cocoa.

The back lawn needs mowing every week now. Regular mowing seems to encourage the grass to fill in the holes and to discourage the weeds.  The electric mower is a gem, and light mowing is becoming my wind-down for the end of the week.


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