May 9, 2018

Progress on the corporation yard today.  I separated the wood pile between larger usable logs – added to the wood pile by Zoe’s tree – and kindling.  most of the kindling is collected and stored under the eaves in the corporation yard.  A few minutes of grass pulling and the propane tank is mostly free for the summer.  I removed a lot of overgrown grass from the other side of the fence on Memorial Day weekend last year.

I found a small toy chest and bench in a consignment store in Orinda.  The white paint can be remedied.  Stripped down and restained, it can sit on the back porch for storage of the remaining pile of kindling.  Time for me to move inside and work out of the sun, and furniture stripping sounds like just the ticket.

Mike Stansberry was up with his trailer.  We loaded up the table saw on his small trailer, and then winched up the riding mower that has sat non-operational in the side yard for years.  Mike also undertook to clear off all the overgrown grass from that strip next to the driveway.  All that is left now is a pile of flagstones.  MJ and I will think about how best they might be used.

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