May 31, 2018

I dug out the last of the thistle along the fence this morning and ran the industrial weed whacker to clear the entire verge.   Very satisfying to see several hundred feet of fence clear of weeds.  MJ found a tick when she changed her clothes tomorrow, and she warned me to be alert.

The water pressure was low when I watered the vegetable garden this morning.  When I went to fill the watering can, the water was gone.  No irrigation water from any spigot.  MJ and I hopped the fence and checked the pump just on the shore by the lake.  Switching the power lever gave no response.  Mike Stansberry still has irrigation water at the Little House, and he will check the pumping of water up the hill.

I added coffee grounds to the last of the mulch pile, and applied earthworm castings and caffeinated mulch to the new plantings along the front border garden: the orange salvia, the deep red oleander and the bottle brush.  When we get water restored, we can water in those new plantings for the time we will be away.


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