June 1, 2018

The irrigation contractor was up surveying the pump system with Mike Stansberry.  This project may unfold as it goes.  The current plan is to replace the line from the shore into the pond and install a new pump.  MJ believes the pump may be twenty years old.  The tank in the garage appears to have water but not in sufficient amount to maintain the pressure in the lines to the various gardens.

The boron taste in the well water is minimal at this time of the year.  We hooked hoses up to spigots on either of the side porches, and will water with house water until the new line is in.  The forecast is for temperatures in the 90s for the weekend.  The hoses will water the front slope and all the beds except the vegetable garden.

I hauled water up to the vegetable garden – two large pails of house water and the small and large watering cans.  MJ has a program of deep watering every three days.  The small watering can directed the water into the basins around the plants in the far box, and with five refills from the pails I achieved  deep watering.  The onions received enough water to keep them from dying,

Don’t forget Spots.  I hauled a pail with several gallons to freshen his water.  Hope everything will hang on until the irrigation contractor can give us a more permanent solution.

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