June 10, 2018


So MJ cried when I was practicing for church.  The spigot by the gazebo is no longer functional, spinning uselessly and refusing to shut off the flow of water.  To compound the problem the nozzle on the hose also does not shut down.  Without thinking it all the way through, I decided to detach the nozzle to look for the problem.  The unsurprising result was a flood of water spewing everywhere.   Trying to re-attach the nozzle brought the Sorcerer’s Apprentice to MJ’s mind.

In the process of getting soaking wet, I was able to shut down the nozzle to a trickle.  I will let it drip into the crape myrtles, rockrose and other plants to put that water to good use. Mike Stansberry can eventually find the shut off valve and replace the spigot.

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