June 13, 2018

Another smart day, but no use of air conditioning. Opening the two ends of the house in the evening cools it below 70 degrees, and the house retains that temperature most of the day.  MJ told me the house was built with wider studs, added insulation and thermal windows.  That energy efficient construction kept the house tolerably cool at least for today.  No guaranties if high heat continues for several more days.

The upper sash of the central window in the breakfast nook appears scratched.  MJ pointed out to me the chip in the lower left corner.  That chip broke the seal of the double paned window and the upper sash will need to be replaced.

Julie and Jose invited us over for dinner tonight.  Their house sits high in the hills above Sutter Creek, with a broad deck and seeping views of the countryside beyond.  The living room had large west-facing windows for a glorious sunset.  They do not appear to be thermal insulated windows, and the heat poured into the living room.

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