June 8, 2018

I got back to clearing the grass, thistle and overgrowth from the edge of the flagstones in the back yard to the fence line. At one time MJ planted succulents in that area but I found no trace of them.  Keep digging.

I am looking for the third crape myrtle.  It is a survivor, just the kind of plant to endear itself to my heart.  I found it last year leafing out among all the overgrown grass, thistle and weeds.  It has to be in there somewhere; it will never die.

From time to time the spade hits solid stone.  I am am digging up pavers that wee set aside for some purpose and were subsumed into the earth.  I will re-purpose them as a platform for the bench in the shelter of the tree, with a gravel bed to keep them from sinking into oblivion.

I was grateful for a day on the ranch without going anywhere.  The end of the day with the late setting sun can be very satisfying.

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