September 19, 2018

The war on thistle begins anew.  I am starting three months earlier.  The warning track under the retaining wall that I cleared last winter has held.  I will dig out another half foot of thistle, and then cut and poison the rest.  MJ may have a wrongful death claim against Monsanto when I am through.

A small triumph today cutting back the outliers on the valley oak between the retaining wall and Gerry’s pine tree.  The outliers off the top of the tree annoyed me because they blocked the view of Gerry’s tree and the sunset further on.  After some difficulty wrestling with a ladder, a tree and wide loppers, the upper outliers are gone.

I need to watch the third crape myrtle.  No water line has yet reached it, and it was  stressed when I was away for four days. I also pruned the camellia in a container, removing the suckers and cutting away the dead wood to direct more energy to the rest of the plant.  I looked up information on pruning oleanders for later this fall.  All such information begins by telling you that the sap is poisonous and you should always wear gloves.

A strong wind prevailed through the day – very pleasant for moving a storage shed up to the barn and reassembling it when I got there.  The forecast is for higher temperatures tomorrow through Saturday.  Work will have to begin early.




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