September 27, 2018

A warm day, with a high of 96.  The forecast is for cooler weather and perhaps a gentle slide toward the rainy season.  God bless Mike.  He was working on the attic at the Little House in this seat.  He wants to seal it tight before the rains come.

The paint sample that I bought from Kelly-Moore is called Chilled Wine, and I tried a sample on three sections of the corporation yard fence.  The color is not quite as dark as I would like or as the paint chip promised.  A second coat may help.  I will see how the paint weathers in and how it appears at different times of the day.

In the afternoon I explored a new road that I found on a local map.  The road connects Jackson Valley Road with North Camanche Parkway at the north shore.  A lovely road passing through the vineyards in the valley, then winding slowly up the hills to the north shore.  I followed North Camanche Parkway back down the hill to the ranch.  It will be a nice route to run the truck when I go for mail, and to recharge its battery and mine.

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