September 28, 2018

I applied a second round of plant starter on all the indoor plants that I repotted.  The ivy is on the critical list; the leaves are dry and brittle.  It will need to find its way over the next week.  I also transferred a geranium from an individual container into a larger pot.  Geraniums should be hardy, but this one did not want to let go of its container.  Another plant that will need to find its way over the next week.

A short day with work in Oakland this afternoon.  The lantana and the bayberry at the far end of the garden have had supplemental water for three days.  That water should have gotten them over the final hot spell for this summer, and cooler weather is forecast for the coming week.

The asters are at full growth but have not yet bloomed.  I expected the pale blue flowers in September, just outside my bedroom window.  The stalks are dry at the bottom, and I will add supplemental water for what I hope is the duration of the blooming season.

Just as I left for Oakland, Senator Jeff Flake announced that he would vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.  Only in the evening did I learn that he and the Democrats had struck a deal to re-open the background check and delay the floor vote for a week.

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