October 10, 2018

I returned to the ranch yesterday afternoon, and did my usual rounds this morning.  The chrysanthemum did not in fact die but has a luxurious second growth.  I thought it did  not survive my travels in September, and I cut it back to the core stems.

The asters are just about ready to pop.  We have sun in the forecast for another week.  Supplemental water now is just for the camellias, the roses after feeding, the manzanita, the fringe flower and the bayberry and lantana at the far end of the garden.  The roses have already set another set of buds.

The geraniums are very giving. I dead head as part of my rounds, and Spots can not imagine anything tastier.  When I remove the dead flowers, plenty of buds remain for another round of blooms.

I bounced down Stony Creek Road with an artificial Christmas tree in the back of the truck for delivery to the church, its own adventure.  In the afternoon I took the road to Fiddletown to pick up and distribute six cases of 2016 Cabernet.  My taste for Cabernet wine is growing, not our usual Zinfandel and Barbera.

I have begun reading the History of Civilization by Will and Ariel Durant. The perspective is dated but fascinatingly detailed. Eleven volumes. We will see how far I get.

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