October 12, 2018

I pulled out the Toro weed whacker for the first time in several months. Electric sparks are too much of a concern in the late dry season.  The whacker took its time turning over, but with rest and retry it came to life. Mike suggested dry gas to help starting after a few inactive months.  I trimmed alongside the barn and multiple doorways.  No weeds in the circle garden yet and of course no rain.

I mowed the back yard, a weekly event.  Removing the cement barriers helped.  The bare patches in the lower center of the yard have begun to fill in, and for the first time I ran the edger round the preliminary stone wall.  The slope off the two flagstone patios at either end of the yard is less than I thought.  Backfilling with topsoil and raising to level ground should be manageable even by wheelbarrow load.  I will wait for the start of the rains to seed.

I will talk to Mike about ideas for filling the horse trough with soil for the herb garden.  Wheelbarrow loads would be an endless task.

Two of Judy’s transplants have outgrown their original pint containers.  One of them has dreams of becoming a tree.  I replanted them in much larger pots and applied the same Miracle Gro starter food.  I also maintain the weekly schedule for watering the indoor plants.

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