October 16, 2018

Martha and Judy drove up Sunday, a little over nine hours.  Martha went into the house while Judy unloaded the car.  A load shriek.  A snake greeted Martha from under the dining room table.  Mike came up and confirmed that it was a non-poisonous garter snake.  No rattler, notwithstanding the name of the ranch.  I will need to watch the doors more closely.

I joined Martha and Judy for supper tonight.  They found my signature spaghetti sauce in the refrigerator and filled out with pasta and salad.

The asters are in full bloom outside my window.  Six to seven feet tall, they make a spectacular show – these long wistful stalks waving gently in the wind with a profusion of light blue flowers.  I expected the bloom in in September but am pleased any time they come.

The two pink roses also have new blooms.  I hope to coax those blooms into December.  The far left rose has an offshoot growing out of its base that needs constant trimming.

The barberry and lantana at the far end of the garden are coming slowly back to life.  The two rockroses at that far end also look thirsty.  For now I can supplement water.  I am curious why water pressure does not seem to reach that far end of the front slope.

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