October 25, 2018

The forecast is possible showers this afternoon and thunder showers tomorrow.  I hauled the bucket of Preen and a watering can up to the circle garden beside the barn.  The weed season has already begun wherever a minimal amount of water collects.  I also spread the Preen over the far edge of the front slope beside the rock wall and watered it in.  An early start to prevent a weed invasion may be, like weddings and funerals, the triumph of hope over experience.

Today I also began clearing the far edge of the back yard.  The goal, similar to the western edge of the lawn, would be a short retaining wall and a warning track on the far side of the wall.  I will have a professional clear the rest of the hill down from the proposed retaining wall, if for no better reason than to prevent the house from burning down in a firestorm next summer.

The line for cultivated beds would run from the edge of the fence to the retaining wall at the gazebo – approximately forty-five feet of thistle, grass and overgrown whatever.  I cleared a significant area when I went in search of the missing crape myrtle last spring.  Much thistle still remains to be dug out; the war on thistle never ends.

I had a grateful moment at the end of the day looking out the kitchen window.  The reserve sunset backlit the trees that line the driveway.  A true and unmistakable autumn light, the kind of low, soft golden light that happens when the earth tilts away from the sun.  I will look again in the coming days, just before sunset.

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