October 26, 2018

It is time to change my morning routine.  The early mornings are cold, even into the 40s.  I will rise a little later, keeping in step with the sun, and Spots will need to be patient for his breakfast.  By eight o’clock the temperature is comfortable enough for my rounds of the garden.  I can work a few hours before the heat of the day.

The rain did not come yesterday or today, and the forecast is clear and sunny for the coming week.  Clear weather may give a chance to get the gutters cleaned.

MJ asked for potato shrubs that were bushes rather than trees.  I trimmed the potato shrub in the strip next to the flagstone walk, limiting its height and hoping to encourage ingrowth.  The plant is spindly, perhaps because of limited soil or intense summer sun.  Next week I may try plant food.  The potato shrub in the triangle garden is more sheltered, and I added mulch last winter.  It is much bushier.

We inherited a large potted ivy from Judy.  It has sat in the music room since June when we moved all plants indoors while we were away.  The ivy was an outdoor plant once and could be again.  It fills just the right empty spot behind the barberry on the border garden around the patio.

I continue my weekly routine of watering the indoor plants.  All the transplants have taken.  I rotate them for even growth towards the sun pouring through the windows.

I continued removing thistle from the warning track at the back of the yard today and applied Roundup.  No chance that rain will inhibit the poisoning of the remaining roots. Eventually I will apply Preen to the inside bed for cultivation.  My reward was to see a hummingbird stock still while drawing whatever nectar the salvia had to offer. A short beautiful moment and it flew on.


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