October 31, 2018

I made my pilgrimage to the Berkeley Hort yesterday to look for the fall plantings.  I was not disappointed.  This morning at the ranch was cold, 47 degrees, but I wanted to start establishing the plants while daily high temperatures are still close to eighty degrees.

I found a royal blue plumbago for the large pot beside the stone facing on the front porch.  It sits just beside the door to the office where I work and write.

The attendant at the Berkeley Hort helped me out with the generic name for California fuchsia – epilobium.  The plant is found under the letter E not F.  I know the fuchsias that have a silverish green leaf and a persimmon colored trumpet flower.  The flower on the new planting promises to be pink.  Eventually I will move the plant outside MJ’s window.

I found a radiation lantana with red and orange blooms.  MJ had a similar lantana growing on the outer strip that vanished one day last spring.  I buried a gopher cage around the new planting  to see if it solves the problem.

The Berkeley Hort has a section called Dry Ideas.  I found a lovely sansevieria growing in a spiral much like a lotus.  I planted it in a deep pot to try to preserve that spiral shape  It  is a succulent that requires minimal water.


In house plants I found a small impoestes or polka dot plant, similar to a coleus.  The red leaf will hopefully add color and interest to the green corner where the house plants now live.  The cashier had clear instructions not to place this plant in a north or west facing window.  The plant corner faces east and gets lots of morning sun.  I confirmed that my weekly watering routine should keep the new plant healthy and full.

Finally I planted a new  Japanese euonymus on the terrace just below the summer house.  It stands opposite the euphorbia that I planted last fall, and will also grow to two or three fee tall.  Enough to cover the cement block retaining wall without interrupting the view of the land.  The two plants are my homage to the two original pygmy goats, Blanche and Oprah.

I used Quick Start on all the new plantings and will repeat the application in one week, even though I suspect the instructions are intended to sell more Quick Start.  The applications promise to promote strong root growth.

Last night MJ and I discussed shutting off the drip irrigation.  I would do spot watering for the camellias, bottle brush and fringe flower that appear to be coming into their blooming season.  No rain is forecast for the rest of this week.

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