November 1, 2018

Mike called to tell me he was having a beautiful day.  Living just a quarter mile up the hill from him, I was having a beautiful day too.  Mild fall temperatures but no rain in the forecast.

The task today was to set flagstones to shore up the landing on the outside stairs at the barn.  The lower flight of stairs sits on a concrete slab, and the concrete ends where the stairs end.  The original idea may have been that you step down onto the ground that is at the same level of the concrete slab.  The ground has eroded however, and more than once I have landed hard on what was a lower downward step than I expected.

I was amazed at how much fill was required to bring the ground up to the level of the concrete slab.  Hauling wheelbarrows of topsoil and rocks up to the barn is a terrific exercise program.  Later I will need to bring in larger rocks to shore up the sides of the fill.  When Mike has the tractor operational, I will ask to bring a load of topsoil up to the barn. I could then extend the flagstone path on a gentle slope down to the driveway.  A delicate curve to drive away the evil spirits.

My shoulder is feeling the strain today.  I should dial back the hauling tomorrow.

The far end of the front slope received supplemental  water again today.  I also watered in the Preen along the far wall at that end.

Mike helped me add some rotted wood to his burn pile.  I bought the tiles for the house number sign, and enlisted Mike in the project of framing the tiles, and hanging them on a post that will sit on the entrance to the first driveway.  Setting posts in hard pan does not seem to phase Mike.

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