November 2, 2018

The task today was to build the short retaining wall between the pedestal for the planter outside the gazebo and what will be the box for the large crape myrtle.  The area is only three feet across but it places the box roughly in line with the flagstone patio.  The flagstone ends and now there is a gentle slope down to the pedestal and retaining walls on either side, looking out on the land beyond.



The result is a broad bed anchored by a ceanothus in training to the left.  I applied and watered in the Preen until I decide what to plant in this area.  Still waiting for the rain.

Spots finished the last of his grass and fresh grass on the ground is at least a month away.  I drove down to Robinson’s Feed Barn for a bale of orchard grass, Spots’s favorite.  Throwing bales into the back of the truck adds to my farmer persona.  The sales clerk at the register threw me with a question about edible livestock.  When I look confused, an older clerk translated for me: “Are you eatin’ what you’re feedin’?”  I tried not to recoil in horror at the thought of Spots on the barbecue.  The bale is stored in the garage and Spots tucked in heartily to his new grass.

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