November 8, 2018

More progress on the back slope today.   I cleared the overgrowth out to the lemon tree, followed by application of Roundup to what I expect to be the warning track just beyond the future retaining wall.  Clearing the overgrown grass, thistle and brush reveals how steeply the land falls off just beyond the lawn.  I have nightmares of waves of water sailing down the hill, feeding lush overgrowth that will dry to beautiful kindling by the end of next summer.  I am trying for as broad a defensive perimeter around the house as I can manage.

The remaining thirty feet of perimeter at the back slope should not be as difficult to clear.  This summer I moved the lawn out and mowed part of that space.  The overgrowth at the back of that space may however surprise me.

The birds love to peck at the ground I have cleared.  I do not know what they find, but I seem to have created a bird feeder without knowing it.  The crape myrtles are also an endless source of fascination for flocks of birds.  As is the trim on the house where I bang on the window to chase the woodpeckers away,

Another glorious sunset with law cloud cover.  The fall and winter sunsets tend toward the spectacular.  Each evening now I look for the line of trees on the top of the ridge on the western horizon, in the distance beyond the pond.

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