November 29, 2018

One hour of bright sunshine and high winds this morning – hold that memory. The winds brought in the next storm that dropped a steady soaking rain the entire rest of the day.  The Rising Sun Nursery was closed because of the storm.  I may be the only living person who would think of going to a nursery in the teeth of a major winter storm.

A gauge of the amount of rain in the past two weeks is how fast the fire prevention reservoir in front of the house is filling.  I shut off the drip irrigation today.  I discovered a new leak where the gutter is not joined to the wall of the house that is the base of the triangle garden.  My heart breaks to see all the rain water that is flooding the ground and that could have been collected into rain barrels for future use next summer.  I have to find a gutter specialist for the cleaning and repair work.

I have my eye on a dead tree in the median between the driveway and the fire prevention reservoir.  If the rain ever breaks, I will take it down proactively rather than wait for it to come down in January or February.  The ground may already be more saturated than I expect.

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