December 1, 2018

It rained all night the day I left.  Today was another day of soaking rain for almost the entire day.  I watered the indoor plants on my roughly weekly schedule. The two cactuses that I inherited from Judy and just coming into bloom, and I sent her a picture.  One is the traditional deep red but the second is a gorgeous pale pink.  They are a ray of hope on these gloomy December days.

The roses continue to bloom.  The middle citrus rose sits just outside the breakfast nook, and the window frames its beautiful pink blossoms with a yellow center.  I trimmed the dead blooms to encourage new growth for just a wee bit longer.  The deep red rose on the corner still blooms.

In a brief lull in the rain, I planted the licorice plant on the mezzanine level of the front slope, with a fair dose of Miracle Start.  This planting is the beginning of experiments in erosion control.

A society garlic had been planted too close to a daisy, and they grew up together.  I dug up the society garlic and was surprised how extensive a plant it was hidden in and under the daisy.  I moved it ten feet on the other side of a bottle brush.  That ten feet is just under the shade of a valley oak and the pergola on the back porch.  I understand that full sun is needed for society garlic to bloom from midsummer into the fall.  I will apply the Miracle Start and watch how the transplant takes hold over the winter.  At least it will not be fighting a well-entrenched daisy for water and space.


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